People First

Rikki Vaughn is a lifelong registered Democrat. Rikki supports the Democratic platforms surrounding social services and programs, as well as the principles of equality and fairness which the Democratic Party promotes. Because of Rikki’s background as a business owner and entrepreneur, Rikki is also supportive of Right-leaning economic policies for businesses and business owners, although he notes that such his goal is to create a hybrid approach which benefits owners and workers, alike.

Rikki’s platform is based on the ideology that he wants to “put People before Party”. Rikki’s goals are to focus on social and economic platforms, which are designed to improve education, employment, and social progress for all citizens of Maryland. Specifically, Rikki desires to improve the education system (including funding for schools and income for teachers), to improve the relationship between Police Forces and Minority Communities (via mutual respect and understanding, as well as transparency), to maximize the value and impact of social programs for the disadvantaged, and ultimately, to ensure that all residents of Maryland find themselves on equal footing, in order to create equality and success for all.